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MY LIFE IS GAMING: Jump into the battle with GIGABYTE and Wargaming.

Thanks to a partnership with Wargaming, GIGABYTE Z170X-Gaming 3 motherboard owners access to exclusive features in World of Tanks. Gamers in the EU and CIS area that purchase a World of Tanks GIGABYTE Z170X-Gaming 3 motherboard will receive an exclusive bonus code and an additional invite code. GIGABYTE G1 gaming motherboards are the best option for gamers that want to experience Intel’s 6th Gen Core™ CPUs. GIGABYTE’s new motherboards, based on the Z170 chipset, bring you closer to the battle with support for AMP-UP Audio, high-bandwidth M.2 ports, HDMI 2.0, enhanced overclocking capabilities, and USB 3.1 connectivity. Gamers play their best on GIGABYTE motherboards.

PROMOTION: Buy GIGABYTE Z170X-Gaming 3 and get bonus code and invite code from WORLD of TANKS

+++ Experience Dota 2 like never before. +++
Time to become a part of the eSports community!
Time to buy a GIGABYTE gaming motherboard / BRIX pro!
GIGABYTE, a main sponsor of ESL one, proudly presents:

The GIGABYTEs G1.Gaming comunity goes to the biggest Dota 2 tournament in Europe!
All, who register their purchase of one of GIGABYTEs gaming products (as listed below), automatically will receive one or two tickets* to Frankfurt with a value of 39,90 € each.

Be one of thousands fans and watch together with us the Dota 2 tournaments and more live in Frankfurt, Commerzbank arena, June 20-21, 2015. Further you also can take part in the massive cosplay competition at ESL One and win a prize from the over 5.000 € prizepool. Buy now a GIGABYTE gaming motherboard or a BRIX Pro, register it and join the ESL One GIGABYTE community!

  How many tickets you get depends on your purchased product. See below:
* Tickets
  GA-X99-Gaming G1 WIFI
  GA-X99-Gaming 7 WIFI
  GA-X99-Gaming 5P
  GA-X99-Gaming 5
  GA-X99M-Gaming 5
  GA-Z97X-Gaming G1 WIFI-BK
  GA-Z97X-Gaming G1
  GA-Z97X-Gaming GT
  GA-Z97X-Gaming 7
  G1.Sniper Z97
  GA-Z97X-Gaming 5
  GA-Z97X-Gaming 3
  GA-Z97MX-Gaming 5
  GA-Z97N-Gaming 5

GIGABYTE is proud to offer, within the scope of this promotion, to every person that buys a qualifying GIGABYTE Gaming-Motherboard and/or a GIGABYTE BRIX pro Ultra Compact PC according to the model-list*. (hereinafter called customer)
GIGABYTE offers each customer who registered the purchase at, to receive one or more tickets for the ESL One Festival in Frankfurt, Germany, Commerzbank arena on 20th and 21st June 2015 (hereinafter the event).

1) the customers must register their GIGABYTE Gaming product according to the model list* within 4 weeks of the original purchase date at:

2) During the registration process, the customer must upload to GIGABYTE a copy of their full receipt or invoice as proof of the purchase.

3) GIGABYTE will accept only purchases / receipts from resellers located in one of the participating countries**

After completing the registration and explicit confirmation from GIGABYTE, the customer has acquired the right to receive a ticket to the event. The number of tickets allocated for this promotion is limited to 1,000 tickets. Completed registrations from May 1st, 0:00 CEST will be accepted.

GIGABYTE will send the ticket to the customer’s e-mail-address, which was entered during the registration process, within 2 weeks after registration, but at the very latest by 2015-06-15.
All registrations that are made after 06/12/2015, are not entitled to delivery of the ticket.
Similarly, all buyers who exceed the limit of 1,000 tickets with their registration, will be informed immediately by email.

The ticket entitles the customer to attend the event on both days without fringe benefits. Minimum age to attend the event is 16 years. All people below this age can attend the event only accompanied by a person 16+.

The monetary value of the ticket is not redeemable for cash. A reissuance in case of loss is not possible. Access and exit to the venue is at the customers own expense.

In submitting the registration data, the customer has declared that all requirements for eligibility to participate are fulfilled.
At the same time, the customer agrees to these terms and conditions. By redeeming the ticket the conditions of the organizer of ESL one Frankfurt 2015 are accepted, too.

GIGABYTE is authorized to exclude the customer from the participation in this promotion without notice under the following conditions:
- in any case of manipulation in relation to the registration
- in case of multiple applications of a serial number
- when the deadline for submission of the data has been exceeded
- for culpable violations of other material obligations under these terms

Each participant has to ensure the accuracy of the provided data.
The personal information provided by the participants during the registration will be stored and used solely by GIGABYTE just to process this promotion. A transfer of personal data of the subscriber to third parties will be made only as this is necessary for the handling of this promotion.
A transfer to other third parties for marketing purposes in particular does not occur.

Each customer will be notified by email after his/her registration and agrees with an eventual publication of his name during the event.
If the ticket is undeliverable to the customer’s e-mail-address, the claim expires on that ticket and it can be therefore applied to a charity.
The claim to the ticket also expires if the ticket for reasons that related to the identity of the customer cannot be redeemed at the specified dates.

Any liability to GIGABYTE in connection with the promotion is excluded if the performance of this promotion has been hampered due to objective reasons.
GIGABYTE can stop the promotion without further notice if the execution of this promotion is not redeemed possible or involve unreasonable circumstances due to objective reasons.

The decision is final. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply. If any regulation of these terms and conditions is invalid, the validity of the remaining regulations shall remain unaffected.

* Model list:
GB-BXi7-4770R, GB-BXi5-4570R, GA-X99-Gaming G1 WIFI, GA-X99-Gaming 7 WIFI, GA-X99-Gaming 5P, GA-X99-Gaming 5, GA-X99M-Gaming 5, GA-Z97X-Gaming G1 WIFI-BK, GA-Z97X-Gaming G1, GA-Z97X-Gaming GT, GA-Z97X-Gaming 7, G1.Sniper Z97, GA-Z97X-Gaming 5, GA-Z97X-Gaming 3, GA-Z97MX-Gaming 5, GA-Z97N-Gaming 5

** Country list:
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland.


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